We are a San Diego room remodels and additions contractor. Besides the popular kitchen and bathroom remodel, we provide remodeling for any room in the house and we can add additional rooms to your house.

We provide our renovation service to every room in the house. Be it your living room, study, office, kids room, fireplace surrounding, and more. We specialize in putting that personal touch that you desire. Customizing your laundry room, powder room, or even coming up with a garage cabinets plan for storage or work area. Not feeling happy about the size of your current room, we can extend those rooms for you as well. It is a popular option to do kitchen or bathroom extensions to increase the comfort, creativity, and functionality of rooms.


Room, home, and second story additions have our team and contractors handling all aspects of your project. For a full-blown addition, we start with the on-sight estimate to review the costs and potential problems that other contractors exclude initially. Then move on to initial floor plans to framing, plumbing, and electrical. The project begins with the demolition and removal of waste. Then the crew comes in for foundation, flooring, walls, accessories, and paint. We end it with a finished project, maybe a cake to celebrate too.

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Room addition

Room additions require thoughtful design and an experienced team. We at Freedom Renovation are experienced in projects such as: enlarging a home by building out to increase square footage, exterior home improvements like adding a patio, porch, or second story, and much more. Our expertise ensures that the additional room blends seamlessly into the existing home. We keep track of permits and codes and your standards to limit the impact on you and your family. We work with you and your needs to ensure the project goes smoothly, conveniently and no surprise costs to you.

Room Extension and Enclosure

Room extensions within the home are easy, affordable, and a typical remodel. When extensions move outside the bounds of the home, it can get tricky with the building regulation, fees, and design. We do see a lot of garage conversions and sun rooms. We do recommend a box dormer to increase your attic room headspace, extending an existing room, linking your structures together with a walkway or just extending your house into the backyard to add additional space to your living room or kitchen. Contact us and we can create plans to grow your home while keeping it structurally sound.

Accessory Dwelling Unit - ADU

Granny flat is it was commonly known as. A completely separate unit on a property that can be a headache to build because of all the attached permits required. To help you out San Diego gov. has made a very simple summary that you canĀ check out. We got the official oneĀ over here. These guys require quite a few permits and inspections, but they are always worth the struggle. Once the project is complete, it will increase your property price and provide a comfortable spot for others to live in.