Brendan M. Review:


As we were looking for General Contractors to remodel our kitchen we interviewed maybe 6 different companies.  5 out of the 6 did not listen to our goal of maximizing the result with a limited budget.  5 out of the 6 said we had to completely tear down all the cabinets, islands, etc. to accomplish our goal and spend greater than $100K.  The only one that said they could work with us without thinking of their bottom line was Allen.  What was more impressive was he was able to give me a pretty accurate quote within the first visit whereas I had to wait a week or more to get quotes from the others.  I love the “No Games” approach by Allen.  Top notch Project Manager and he listens, straight forward, transparent communication, great suggestions/recommendations, very reliable and responds fast!  I can be a pain to deal with as I ask a lot of questions, etc. but he never flinched.

As for Allen’s team….Juan was the main PM lead and he was amazing.  Great attitude, hard worker and great personality.  His team was phenomenal and these guys work fast yet at a very high quality!  They probably got really tired of all my questions and requests, but they always listened but weren’t afraid to push back.  Love it!

We also had the painter team come in and do a TREMENDOUS job refinishing and painting our existing cabinets in our kitchen and master bath.  A LOT of work.  These guys are true pros and they made sure everything was protected and cleaned up after the job was done.  Great team, great attitude, worked until 8pm one night because they wanted to get the work done for us.  Amazing.

The texture guy to fix some patch work from the electrical team was excellent.  I do have to say that he had to come fix the job of the painting company as they did a horrendous job.  Fantastic work, great guy.

I am probably leaving someone on his team out but thank you to everyone.  The showroom is impressive and made us feel like this is a great company.  We spent a lot of money on this and never once did I feel like we were getting ripped off.

This is my longest Yelp review ever because I truly can say that if you are considering doing ANY renovation project that you would be hard pressed to find a better team and company than Freedom Renovation.  We are doing the bathrooms next year and you can probably guess who we will be using! 🙂

Repainted Kitchen Cabinets, Install New Countertop, Repaint All Walls