We are Freedom Renovation, we want to make sure your backyard looks good and brings the necessary function you need in your life.

We provide exterior renovation service here at Freedom. Anything from fold-able doors, porches, fences patios, bbq island, anything to better your outliving. Whether you need us to do the design or you want us to work with your designer, we are here to build the backyard of your dreams. Maybe one with a beautiful waterfall.

Freedom offers a full range of exterior redesign and renovation services. We provide landscaping, walls, fireplaces, outdoor bar & kitchen, walkways and more.
It doesn’t have to have to be just for entertainment, we can provide functioning gardens, sheds, side homes, driveways, gazebos and more. Our popular requests are adding some shade to the front or back of the house, creating a nice place to sit. We get a lot of requests on how to prevent water stains across houses, replace some old wood. Those are truly the details we care for.


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