We are a San Diego bathroom remodeling contractor. We are here to to help you with your bathroom design, get those ideas flowing. Together we can come up with ideas for bathroom paint, tiles, faucets, backsplash, lights, etc.

The heart of the home is where family and friends convene for a hearty meal. Not only are they a hub for dining and drinking, they usually wind up being the home’s social focal point too. This makes it all the more reason to plan carefully! You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this room, so make sure you love it. The best place to start when planning a kitchen is to do your research—thoroughly.

Set out your goals and budget. Are you going for a complete overhaul of your kitchen area? Or just a few low-cost quality of life changes? Such as adding more convenient drawers, lights, power sockets to your kitchen area. Will you be doing any of the work yourself, or hiring professionals for all aspects? Also, don’t forget to factor in the size of the space you’re working with.


Small kitchens come with a very different set of considerations to their larger counterparts. It requires more attention to detail.

Your design should flow with your daily routine. We suggest tracking your steps with a spool of string, to help you understand what you use the most daily. This will help you design a kitchen that will be most efficient for you. Or would you prefer to have a beautiful kitchen to entertain your guests? Scandinavian minimalism is all the rage these days or you can go with a rustic, Mediterranean-style kitchen.

Once that’s decided, it’s time to think about the component parts. Do you want your kitchen floor to be tiled? Laminate? Wood or concrete? There is a multitude of choices out there for every kitchen budget. Contact us for a free kitchen estimate.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets design in our opinion is a very important feature in the kitchen area. There are obviously many considerations that need to be acknowledged when building new kitchen cabinets, and these considerations will differ for every household.

The cost of kitchen cabinets is an obvious factor, as is the overall look and quality of life set up. You can go with custom-designed kitchen cabinets, preconfigured variants, or IKEA cabinets; all are made with a purpose. Custom cabinets are made to fit unique styles, tight spaces, and be experimental. Preconfigured are made from proven designs that stand the test of time.  IKEA’s cabinets as movable furniture; if you have to move, take it with you. Let’s find cabinets installation that you need.

Kitchen Countertop

People always ask what the best kitchen countertop material is, but there is no solid answer. It varies based on what you are going to do on the surface. Some material should not be used with raw food, some can not handle spills without staining, some crack under heat. But most people pick out what they see as aesthetically pleasing: A wooden butcher-block countertop, Waterfall countertop, and Corian countertop are all very popular choices. Freedom Renovation can help guide you through the choices so you can focus on your kitchen counter decor instead.


The appliances are very important when renovating your kitchen. Either you are buying new appliances to fit into the decor or building around existing appliances. No matter the route you choose, we are there to help you get the dimension and spacing for your appliances. Something that is overlooked by many people, the space that certain appliances may need for ventilation or for their wiring. Freedom is here to help you with the small details.

Rendering & Design

Freedom Renovation can provide renderings of future kitchen. So you can test out the looks, layout, or functionality of your design. We can also help you with your design with our experienced experts. This helps with finding what works and what doesn’t, so come in and let us help you.