Freedom Renovations is a general contractor in Southern California, based out of San Diego.

Freedom Renovations provides commercial interior design and design-build construction. Our long list of office and commercial interior remodeling services includes space planning, permitting, and franchise build-outs. We believe that proper planning helps us achieve optimal results. Prior to breaking ground, we plan as much as possible. We are able to quickly react and adapt to changes and challenges that arise because we use a critical path timeline to ensure the project’s success. We also work with our subcontractors and our clients to ensure that all materials are ordered on time and that progress is made in line with the schedule. We also offer a wide range of commercial construction options.


When it comes to commercial construction, we know how to get the job done right. We handle everything from constructing partitions or areas in an existing operable office, to designing and building out a multi-office suite. We also know how time-sensitive projects are and we do our best to reduce the project’s time so you can have your doors open as quickly as possible. We work with budgets big and small. Whatever your budget, we can work with you to find the right solution at the right price. Freedom Renovation believes that great contractors know how to help their client’s cut costs. That’s why we do our best to come up with cost-saving ideas that creatively redesign your commercial space without breaking the bank.

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Full Services Contractor Work


We know it doesn’t rain much in San Diego, but when it does our affordable roofing will keep you safe. We got metal roofing, ceramic roofing and we don’t recommend one that catch fire.


Commercial Wall Systems, wall framing and layout for commercial spaces.


An HVAC system, short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Either Home or Commercial, we know air circulation plays a huge role in comfort and savings.


Want that Armstrong ceiling, maybe have those lights flush, or just adding a ceiling fan. Need commercial kitchen ceiling tiles, or acoustic ones, we got you covered for any one of your desires.


Commercial electricals can be very complicated, varied systems. We can resolve any issues and set up new equipment; swiftly with our trusted electricians.


From the installation of the new plumbing systems to the maintenance of existing ones, we at Freedom Renovations have the experience, quality products, and reliability.


Commercial windows and entry doors. We deal with all kinds of glass; from glass doors for cabinets, bookcases to getting that tint to block UV light into your office. We do the replacement and repair of glass.


Commercial concrete work seems basic enough. But do you want the concrete polished, stained, sealed, how about a concrete countertop.