ADU Expert Architecture and Engineering Freedom Renovation is very flixable toward Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) construction. One of the most advantage of Freedom Renovation is able to provide full ADU services to the clients. From planning to finish! ADU or DADU Attached ADU AND Interior ADUs At Freedom Renovation, we have done many projects from ADU to DADU, also conversion of Garage ADU. AB 68 & Senate Bill No. 13 JADU HOA AND INVESTMENT Up to 1200 Square Feet and more. May take from 2 - 12 month to complete a ADU. Forcast of current time is about 3 months.

What is Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs)?

Freedom Renovation is a San Diego based, family owned construction company, general contractor specializing in residential remodeling and commercial improvement. FR main services are: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodel, Room Addition(ADUs|JADUs) and House Renovations. And more services provided by FR. Moreover, FR experienced staff members have been remodeling gorgeous homes to fit every style and desire of out clients. See the photos below to get to know more of the ADU stages. Please call Harry Sun (619) 892 – 8888 & Allen at (318)373-3366


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More Projects

Freedom Renovation has done many ADUs in San Diego County for years.

Poway – Kitchen | Flooring | Bathroom

Angie’s Kitchen and Living Room

Material List

Project Main Materials: Sherwin-Williams Finished White Shaker Cabinets – Solid Wood (Kitchen) Belth Keeler Signature Pulls (Kitchen + Bathroom) Vinyl Flooring (Kitchen + Bathroom + Living Room + Dinning Room)

Angie's Review

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation to the hardworking and dedicated crew at Freedom Renovation! I had a stress-free and pleasant experience throughout the whole remodeling process, the results are outstanding, the new kitchen really created a wow factor.
From material selections to design to flooring to painting to tiling to cabinetry to countertops to installation to final detailing, everyone involved was excellent, professional, and respected the property leaving it clean and tidy after each hard day’s work.

Allen went over and above board to meet my needs not to mention how incredibly knowledgeable and talented he was every step of the way. He helped me pick a few things that worked out great in the end, arguably even better than the original. Allen has a good eye on design and pays attention to details. Tim who explained the different styles and options of cabinets in the beginning also helped get the materials ordered and delivered on time. Juan and his assistants did a fantastic job to ensure the quality of the end result and fix any small mistakes along the way. Juan is such a brilliant problem solver, he has solutions for everything. He is just so awesome, I’d hire them to do absolutely every project on the house list. Last but not least David and the team did amazing work fabricating the slab, it truly looks like a piece of art in the kitchen.

In all, I had a stellar experience and highly recommend it for any of your renovation needs, I’ve got them on speed dial. Freedom has great reviews for a reason, they earned it.

Full Galley Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Ryan’s Kitchen,Bathroom,Flooring Project done at Normal Heights, San Diego

Material List

Project Main Materials:

Sherwin-Williams Finished White Shaker Cabinets – Solid Wood (Kitchen)

Matte Finish Rectangular Pulls (Kitchen + Bathroom)

Vinyl Flooring (Kitchen + Bathroom)

Pantries & Vanities (Bathroom)

Water Proof Layers (Bathroom)

LED Mirror (Bathroom)

Ryan's Review

Ryan H.:

I would like to highly recommend Allen and the team for any home improvement projects you may have. I was originally referred to Allen by a friend that had work done by him previously, so I was off to a good start. Allen came in with some great ideas to improve the layout / functionality of my home. As an older Spanish style home, built in 1949, there was some changes that needed to be made. Allen recommended knocking out a couple of walls to expand the kitchen and guest bathroom, and these recommendations made all the difference. Allen was very accessible throughout the entire project through text. He would help give advice / recommendations to keep the project on time. I submitted several change orders throughout the process and Allen was able to keep everything progressing and on schedule. Allen’s team was great when they came out as well, and always willing to help fix any issues you may have. Overall, I would recommend and use Freedom Renovation again for any future needs.

Full Galley Kitchen with Custom Cabinets

Johnny’s Kitchen Project done at Normal Heights, San Diego

Material List

Project Main Materials:

Sherwin-Williams Finished White Shaker Cabinets – Solid Wood (Kitchen)

Matte Finish Rectangular Pulls (Kitchen)

Tile Flooring (Kitchen + Bathroom)

Johnny's Review

Johnnie B.:

Dreams do come true thanks to Allen and his team at Freedom Renovation.

I love my 100 year-old Colonial Spanish home in North Park but it came with one major flaw – it was constructed with one of the smallest and darkest kitchens that I have ever seen.  Tacky tiles, weird walls and strange dimensions made this remodel feel unsurmountable and impossible to fix.

Freedom Renovation is the company for you.  The kitchen is the heart of the home and from day one, Allen made me feel like this project was just as important to him, as it was for me.  Allen gently guides you through the entire process in a stress-free way.  His company does it all.  They have a beautiful selection of affordable countertops, cabinets and flooring and an amazing designer that will give you three dimensional renderings of all the unthinkable possibilities that await you.

Attention to detail is extremely important to me so I am forever grateful for the hard-working team that Allen sent to my house.  Unlike other companies that send a revolving door of different workers, Freedom Renovation has a dedicated crew just for you.  Juan was simply the perfect blend of craftsman, problem-solver and artist.  Despite the huge list of impossible quirks and challenges that this old house presented, he was able to conquer them all.  And at every step, there was Allen checking in with multiple home visits and regular texts.

Freedom Renovation kept all their promises and delivered a top to bottom renovation that truly exceed what I had thought was even possible.  They made the space look twice its size with new lighting, contemporary white cabinets and a gorgeous countertop that is ready for creating new memories.  At the end, they even sent a video crew to document the incredible transformation.  It felt like my “HGTV moment” had finally arrived…

At the heart of this company is Allen who is a man of character with a strong sense of family… even his older aunt helps out by sweeping the showroom floors.  When you sign up to do a project with them, its more than just a renovation, you become a part of the family too.

Thank you Freedom Renovation for this fairy-tale ending.  What an experience!  I am in LOVE with my kitchen and I can’t thank you enough…

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Freedom Renovation is a kitchen cabinets wholesaler. That is the reason we can offer such luxury products in affordable price.

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NAME PROJECT: White Shaker Cabinets – Kitchen Remodel

The heart of the home is where family and friends convene for a hearty meal. Not only are they a hub for dining and drinking, they usually wind up being the home’s social focal point too. This makes it all the more reason to plan carefully! You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this room, so make sure you love it. The best place to start when planning a kitchen is to do your research—thoroughly.